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Inclusion and Acceptance  for All

Inclusion and Acceptance for All

Inclusion and acceptance for all was the theme chosen for this year’s DSC Style & Stars event. In light of the tragic events that have taken place over the past two weeks, this simple message has taken on a new meaning and created a new responsibility for each of us.

Although DSC’s immediate mission is to support and empower people with Down syndrome, DSC’s full mission will not be fulfilled if that is where our work ends. DSC’s mission statement includes a commitment to build an accepting and inclusive society – for all.

That mission cannot be exclusive to the work that we do in the DSC community. It must become an imperative that is reflected in everything that we do in our global community to build up hope, unity, and compassion. Because our success in the DSC community and our success as a society as whole will depend on our commitment to that simple message: “Inclusion and Acceptance for All.”